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What Should You Know About Newborn Baby Clothes Right Now?

Novice Parents get a chance to experience a lot of warmth, happiness, and enough opportunities to experiment with adorable and cute baby clothes that are easily available at the retail stores and online baby portals.

As a parent, you should look for baby clothes online which are not only comfortable, but also protect them.

Many fashionable and trendy baby clothes can be seen that would amaze you at the first look.

Choosing the best clothes for your baby would be difficult for you that your baby would wear during day time and sleeping time.

Therefore, here is an ultimate guide for parents to consider certain things in mind while shopping clothes for newborns:

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Always give priority to organic cotton while buying clothes for babies. It prevents your baby's skin to get affected from any type of skin allergies and other skin problems. Soft cotton clothes have always been the best choice. Apart from this, it is also good for newborn babies to have open front clothes as baby's head is extremely delicate.

Although being budget-friendly is a good thing, it doesn't mean that you would ignore the quality of the clothes while looking for new born baby clothes online.The skin of toddlers skin is hyper-sensitive to irritation and allergy, so the inferior quality of clothes can harm your baby's skin thus, resulting in disturbing days and nights for you and your baby. Therefore, always like to select the material, which is extremely soft to make sure that baby is swaddled in the soft clothes.

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Type and Color of Clothes

Clothes of the newborn come in attractive colors, beautiful designs, and lovely prints, which attract everyone's at the first sight. When you decide to have shopping for baby clothes, always consider clothing that contributes to comfort and style. If you keep this in mind, then you would select the right outfit for your babies.

Choosing newborn clothes are always tough for newbie parents. Create a fashion statement for your newborn by taking care of the fabric, the color, size, and style by doing baby clothes shopping online. Find clothes that are soft from inside. Bright and vibrant colors are perfect for new born babies such as white, lemon yellow, yellow, sky blue, baby pink, red, off white, peach, pastel, and many more. Bodysuits, hats, rompers, tops, midis, and frocks are perfect for dressing up the babies.

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Always choose one size larger to your child's real age. Gradually, babies grow at high speed. Most of the 6 months old baby can wear clothes of the same size for 9-12 months of babies. 1 year old baby can wear clothes of the size 2 and so on. But keep an eye out on the weather as there is no use of lightweight summer clothes in winters, and vice versa.


Some babies grow right into 0-3 months of their clothing, and others continue to have preemie clothes for the first 2 months. Some grow rapidly and your 2 months of baby can wear clothes similar to the size of 3-6 months babies. Do not buy newborn clothes in large quantity. Don't be in rush to buy clothes at once for all the season because you never know when those clothes won't give a regular fit to your baby. Having so many baby clothes means your baby won't wear it more than twice or thrice as they grow very quickly in the first few weeks of their life. So, always prefer to buy baby's clothes one size larger as compared to their exact size.

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Comfort & Safety

The most important point to keep in mind is the comfort of a baby. Therefore, while shopping, avoid those baby kids wear that have too many snaps, zips, and elastics. Since the baby's skin is very sensitive, there may be a risk of scratches from zippers or elastics. In any case, if you are buying any clothing item with snaps, then take a look at the rough edges that can scratch against the skin.


Both comfort and safety are the two important factors that are of huge importance when choosing clothes for babies. Make sure that there is no loose buttons, sharp zippers in the baby's clothes because it results in increasing the additional possibilities that the baby can take it in his/her mouth. If you are buying sleepwear, make sure that it meets safety standards. When you buy newborn clothes, ensure that they are comfortable and protected. They should not have such designs which can damage their soft and delicate skin.

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Accessibility is the most significant factor that mostly parents often forget. It is true that babies get messed again and again easily. Therefore, it is difficult to change clothes that include straps, buttons, and fasteners. Always choose wide-necked clothes, which are easy to wear and take off over the baby's head. Dressing up a newborn is a difficult task.


Keep these points in mind when shopping for baby clothes:

  • Choose clothes that have a wide neck because it makes dressing trouble free. Such clothes can be easily dragged on top of the head, making it easy to wear.
  • Having snaps at the front makes it easy to put on and pull off.
  • Such clothes that have loose sleeves can be pulled out effortlessly as compared to tight ones.

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Buy baby clothes on which it is clearly mentioned that they are machine washable on the label as it is less time-consuming and you don't need to wash it from hands or do ironing. Clothing made of 100% cotton is perfect because they are so durable, easy to wash, and comfortable. Newborn make their clothes dirty within less time.

This is the reason that it is recommended to purchase washable and durable clothes. Most of the baby clothes can’t be washed or dried clean by the machine as these clothes requires a lot of efforts for new parents. When you are going to shop for your newborn, always check the label on the clothes. Lot of hand-wash and dry-clean baby clothes are available at the online retail stores!

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Easy to Carry

Snacks, zips, and elastics can be obese for the baby's skin. There is also a chance of leaving scratches on their skin by zippers. It is good to keep such zippers, which have a fabric layer among the skin of the baby and the zipper.

Always select the elastic that covers and don't contain rough edges so that it does not leave any scratches on your baby's skin. Don't buy such clothes, which have loops, knots, bows, ties, and buttons. Small button cloth, rhinestone embroidery, and embellishments raise the risk of choking for new born.

Purchasing baby clothes online is always breathtaking for novice parents. Above mentioned is the useful guide for buying new born clothes that one should know in order to get an exciting shopping experience!