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7 Easy Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Kids

Modern lifestyle has made our life more busy and hectic as ever. Nowadays, everyone is stuck between work and obligations especially for the parents. Because of this, most of them don’t get sufficient time to spend with their kids. As a parent, you should ensure that you are spending quality time with your kids in order to make them learn things.

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1.Morning Fixed Hours

The best way to spend some qualitative time with your kids is by fixing the morning hours. Set a regular routine that you should follow on a regular basis. Do some exercises, go for a morning walk with them, try yoga and assist them in preparing breakfast. Have breakfast with them and ask them about the whole day schedule.

2.Play with your kids

Both outdoor and indoor games leave a positive impact on your kids. When you play games with your kids, it makes them feel loved and more affectionate towards you. It will also help to keep your bond stronger with them.

3.Bedtime fun

Set a daily routine with your kids and have bedtime fun together. Try various funny things with your kids, that will make them happy such as- singing funny songs, playing puzzle games, pillow fights, and bedtime stories.

4.Question & answer game

Ask questions to your kids instantly and tell them the right answers in return. Let them wonder about why the sun is yellow in color or the water is of blue color, or the night is dark and so on. It will increase their IQ level and also make you get closer to them.

5.Prepare to-do-list

Every morning when you wake up, don’t forget to prepare to-do-list. Write down all the activities that you need to do apart from your office work. Let your kids participate with you in those activities and also encourage them to do even better.

6.Less usage of gadgets

Decrease the usage of gadgets like phone, laptop, or TV, if you want to spend some beautiful moments with your kids. Excess usage of these gadgets consumes an ample amount of time and leaves a negative impact on their mind.

7.Collect memories

Try to plan your weekends with your kids. This is one of the best options to spend most of the time with your kids. Go for camping with them, do club activities together, take photographs and make some funny videos that your kids will treasure even years later.

Learn all the tips of spending quality time with your kids that are mentioned in our blog of CCBABE. Schedule your day accordingly and pamper your kids with lots of love, attention and affection.